While efforts have been made to achieve medical liability reform, the threat of frivolous lawsuits and the high cost of professional liability insurance presents a continued burden to physicians. In addition, in order to ensure that physicians and other health care providers are willing to serve in times of emergency and natural disaster, loopholes in current federal and state laws must be closed.


Comprehensive liability reforms, when enacted together, have demonstrated the ability to stabilize the system, ensure patient access to health care services, improve the availability and affordability of insurance for physicians, and provide injured or harmed patients access to courts.


In an effort to reform the medical liability system, we support:

• Limitations on non-economic damages.
• Offsets for collateral sources.
• Joint and several liability.
• Uniform statute of limitations.
• Periodic payment for future expenses.
• Limitations on attorneys’ contingency fees.

"As a Congressman and a DO, I can see firsthand how politics can seriously affect our profession."
- Rep. Joe Heck, DO